Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reasons I run

I never really was a runner growing up.  I did track, but cross country was for the wierdos... and besides, who was crazy enough to just go run 5 miles??
I knew people who ran... but they were superhuman.
My Aunt Sheela always amazed me.  She would get up hours before everyone was awake and just go run.
When I was teaching in Brigham City, Barb Klein (a fellow co-worker) was another who I took note of.  While we played basketball after school in the winter, she would do laps around the gym to get ready for her next race.  Not a very big gym either.
Crazy people.
When I moved to Lehi, a co-worker, Annette, had a running poster on her wall, and said she was training for a marathon.  WOW, how does someone just DO a marathon, and WHY would someone do it more than once??
Crazy people.
I had to admire them.
I was envious in some ways.  
Even jealous.

I started running purely by accident.   
My version of "running" was go out, run for half a mile, walk to recover, run another half mile.  I was good with that.  One fateful day, a gal I hadn't met before, Misty, came to run with us.  When we hit the half mile mark, and I started walking she protested, and dragged me on a two mile (no walking) run.  
I was dying.  
I was tired.  
I couldn't stop talking about it all day to poor Hayden.  
I was so proud of myself.  
That was the summer of 2005.  
And the rest, as they say... is history.
Jen and Misty... It all started with them. 
2006: first 5k (with Misty and Jen).  Running with Angels @ Thanksgiving Point.
          Lavender Days 5k (with Misty and Jen)
2007: Scheutzenfest 5k.  Up the side of a freaking mountain.  I won for my age group!!
2008: Running with Angels (with Misty and Brenden).  Brenden won 1st place!!
          Lavender Days 5k (with Brenden)
2009: first half marathon (with my crazy running sisters, Liz and Kara).  Provo River Trail
2010: Hobble Creek half marathon (with Misty)
          Snow Canyon half marathon PR (that's personal record) St. George.
2011: Salt Lake half marathon (with Jocelyn)
          Dirty Dash (with Jocelyn and Brenden).  This one was memorable, to say the least.
        Lehi Roundup 10k (with Jocelyn).  I won for my age group (there were 3 of us :)

I'm sure I missed a few races that I will have to go back and fill in.

I am not fast by any means.  Hayden informs me that 50% of running talent comes from hard work and training and the other 50% comes from what you are born with... and then informs me that I just wasn't born with it.  Sad but true.  I definitely don't run to win, because that just won't happen.

So why do I run?
What makes getting up in 10 degree weather in the winter to run even worth it?
(or waking up at 4:50am to sneak in an 8 miler before Hayden leaves for work)

These are MY reasons:
my sanity.  I am cheerful and positive on days I run.  Not so much on days I skip.
my boys.  I love sharing this passion with them, and sharing race adventures.
my time solo.  Time to just think in the morning while taking in the views.
the world untouched.  It is amazing the beauty that so many "sleep-in" people miss out on.
the challenge.  Nothing like breaking barriers for myself.  Love being able to say BEEN THERE DONE THAT.  
I am at peace.  It took me a couple years to finally realize how much I just love to run.  All is right with the world when I have my shoes on and am exploring new territory.
aspen.  She loves to run because I love to run.  

So this spring I got a crazy notion. I decided I was going to tackle the race of all races and sign up for a MARATHON.  I of course had to have someone else to share in the misery/love, so I talked a co-worker, Arica, into this insane idea with me, and we were off and running.  
So come September 17th... after many Saturday's filled with 4 hours of nonstop running, we will be attempting to survive a full 26.2 miles.  
I question my sanity.
My knees and feet question my sanity (usually after my long runs).
But... I am up for taking on the challenge.
I am up for being able to say I DID IT.
And I look forward to September 18th... when I can go back to running for the love of it, instead of running because the training schedule says so.

These are pictures from my cell phone I took while running.

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