Monday, March 12, 2012


Guns N' Roses in town... 
With my 3 favorite guys...
Yes please.

 What was more entertaining than watching an old washed up "has been" try to belt out the same songs and notes as he did 20 years ago, was watching my boys love every minute of it.  Unfortunately, he took the stage at 11pm, so Hayden and I didn't last the entire concert.  Even Wade ended up asleep in Brenden's truck before the final song.  Brenden, however, stayed until the last piece of tinsel fell from the ceiling.  
My real entertainment came when I got to introduce Brenden to Sonia Leigh and take him to see Hayden's favorite band, Zac Brown.  
Great show.
Great musicians.
Great entertainers.  
I think we have increased Brenden's musical selection... at least improved on it greatly :)

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