Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The 1st REAL Halloween

Last year Aspen spent Halloween recovering from a less than fortunate spill... not to mention the fact that she was a little young for knowing what was going on.  This year is another story.  After we convinced her that her costume wasn't trying to attack her, and she figured out the "knocking on the door=candy" thing, we were good to go.  Wade went trick or treating with Morgan (yes... one of those wierdos that are 18 and still think that begging for candy is cool), and Hayden and I took Aspen.  Wade was a Roman and Aspen was a lion.  She had a blast!


Ryan and Debra said...

That's so funny! I love that she thought it was trying to attack her. Been there with Kaden. He's 2 but all the costumes were "too scary". I love Halloween! I really like your header. Cute!

Nathan and Shanna said...

I love Halloween! I raid my kids bags and take most all of their chocolate. Your header is dang cute!

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