Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Body

I had forgotten what having an 18 month old was like...  13 years without one will do that to a person.  I just love watching Aspen learn and grow.  She cracks me up.  One of her new things is to push things around the house: garbage cans, boxes, lids off of plastic tubs... anything is fair game.  If she can then get IN the item she has been pushing, it's even BETTER!!  She loves carrying things with a handle on them.  At her grandparents house the other day, she found a bottle of dishwasher detergent... with a handle, of course... and she lugged that around the house for an hour.  The crock pot has handles and so she tries to carry it around the house as well.  

She loves her daddy.  When Hayden is almost home, he will let us know, so that Aspen can be waiting at the door.  She gets so excited to see him pull up.

She is growing way too fast.  I watched some old home videos from 12 years ago, and realized how fast time flies.  I wish I could just keep her little forever.

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