Sunday, November 23, 2008

A fun little rivalry

So I teach in Provo... 3 blocks from cougar stadium, so obviously I'm in the middle of BYU country.  Not sure why, but I love antagonizing my poor students.  This year my entire room is done in red and black.  Even my little vinyl sayings on my walls are in red and black.  At the back of my room is a big University of Utah sign hanging, which most all of the students moan and groan about from day one.  

Truth be told, I'm really not a big U fan, I'm an Aggie (Utah State).  The colors of USU, however, are way to close to that of BYU, so I had to pick the next best team that had totally contrasting colors, just to harass the poor kids.  The build up to this year's BYU/Utah game was PERFECT. The week before the game, I printed all my worksheets and test on fire-engine red paper.  They were not humored.  I had one student take his worksheet home, retype it on his computer and print it out on BYU printed paper.  Even the equations with "y"s in them had the byu Y logo inserted on each equation.  Got to give the kid props.  I was impressed.  He said his dad and he noticed that my worksheet needed fixed.

So now, after the weekend, its game, and the aftermath... I'm sitting in class with my big red shirt on with the big UTAH logo on the front.  I have one student who has to wear red today, and a couple others who will be bringing me treats later on this week.  I think I have more fun teasing the kids  and them razzing me than I really care the outcome of the game.  It makes my job that much more enjoyable.

Gotta love a good rivalry!


Nathan and Shanna said...

That is so funny!! Good for you! I have to say that I am more a BYU fan than a Utah, but I don't get into it much, because I went the USU as well.

Nathan and Shanna said...

to USU as well...should proof read before I post it!

Ryan and Debra said...

Utah State-HEY-AGGIES ALL THE WAY!!! I love it! I am sure you get all kinds of grief for the Red and Black...You Go Girl!

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