Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ephraim... the RECESSION version of a "weekend getaway"

When times are tough, and money is tight... we get more creative in our ways to get away to relax.  This weekend before this one was no exception.  We packed up Aspen, Hayden and I and headed down to visit with Hayden's parents.  Aspen loves having run of the house, and has 4 adults to dote on her.  Her favorites at Grandma Deb's are the rocking chair and the stuffed cat that sits on it while Aspen is away.  Grandma's big bath tub is another favorite.  She will sit under the water spout as it slowly fills the tub.  By the time she gets out she is a prune over her hands and toes.  While we were in Ephraim, I took the opportunity to go for a run both mornings we were down there.  The first day was down and around campus and back: 4.5 miles.  It was going great until I got close to my old stomping grounds between Snow Hall and the Noyes Building.  WOW... memories hit me like a wall.  The silly awesome gals that I roomed with, the volleyball and basketball teammates, the "ring ceremonies" that we did for some of the girls who got engaged, sneaking in my dorm window when I would get back too late to get in my front door or too late to wake up my roommate.  Afton Hansen's science class final had me SKIPPING down the sidewalk, past the tree that is still growing sideways to this day, and to my dorm with elated JOY!!!  Not because I did so well on my final, but because it WAS OVER and I was still alive to tell about it.  It came to me, as I stopped and stood at this place which a crossroads (literally) of my life for 2 years, how quickly time goes.  Here we are 20 years later... almost exactly, and instead of me off to college it is Morgan, and my friends that were so special to me then, I have to sadly say, I have not kept in touch with that well.  So, I ran home, and then called some old teammates and friends and decided to do better at keeping in touch.
 Aspen and Hayden... on our walk... Aspen started in the stroller, but can NOT resist DEMANDING to be let down so she can walk!

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