Wednesday, August 19, 2009

first day back

How to tell if it is the FIRST day back to school:

~Aspen is up and ready to go play with the kids @ Emily's house
~I start with a headache that grows into a migraine
~Students (for the first and only time during the entire year) are SILENT
~my list of TO-DO's massively out numbers my list of DONE items
~My shirt matches with all the other teachers at my school
~I've repeated the same things so many times, I can't remember which class I am in, or whether or not I've even told them certain things.
~A nap is a must by the time I get home
~dinner=pre-prepped chicken pot pie (gotta love freezer meals)

Bring on DAY 2 (and all the 8th graders)!


Calvin said...

love it

kimg said...

You go girl! I got to school this morning and realized they switched me from a Mon. Wed. class to a Tues. Thurs. class. So now I am very ready for tomorrow. My day won't begin to compare to yours. I admire you!

Ryan and Debra said...

Good Luck Tonia! The first week is always so crazy. I couldn't imagine being the teacher...

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