Wednesday, August 12, 2009

in the red

It is said that when it rains, it pours... and this week has been a financial downpour at our house.

With 3 days left of SUMMER (aka: before mom goes back to school) left, we had many things to get done... we just didn't realize how EXPENSIVE some of those things would be.

What helped put us in the red for this week:
  • Repairman come to fix water heater ($120 to vacuum out my furnace vents)
  • Repairman return on next day to fix (again) water heater
  • Left my right leg at the letterman jacket shop in exchange for a jacket for Brenden (which he will be required to wear everyday until he is 40 in order to get our money's worth out of it)
  • Dealt with obtaining passports for 4 of us (they want $100 for ONE, plus $15 to take your picture)
  • Took our car in for an estimate. A lady in Walmart parking lot backed into us, left a little ding on two car doors.... $1000!!
  • Credit card company called trying to raise our rates by 14%. SERIOUSLY.
  • $50 to Workman's Comp to get a voucher to say we don't need workman's comp (for Hayd's company)

Apparently I am in the wrong profession. They don't tell you these things in college. The big money is to be made in the jacket, passport, repair-dude business.

Just a little FYI for those looking to change careers

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LaurieJ said...

If I had to pay that much for passports we wouldn't be able to afford to go anywhere! Hope you are going somewhere fun!

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