Thursday, August 6, 2009


We were able to do a "getaway" job for my sister @ their cabin in the Uintahs. We went up for a couple days to put in hardwood for them, and were able to spend some down time playing in the outdoors. It was beautiful... the water was cold... and Aspen and I (and about $1000 in electronics) almost didn't make it across the log that spans the river leading to the pond. We waded through a shallow part on the way back. Still amazes me that we made it across at all... dumb idea.

Aspen's highlight of the trip was the walk on the water pipeline, I think Wade's was probably the little trip into "town" (yeah... town is a HUGE compliment for the place). But by the end of 2 days of deer flies (which are WORSE than mosquitos, in my opinion)... we were ready to head back to civilization. Thanks Aud and Bill for the stay. Hope you love the floor.

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