Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 4th

The 4th was a busy day for us this year.  Some of us went to Sherwood Hills for the Snow family reunion, and some stayed home to tend baby and Morgan (who had to work).  It was great to see so many family members again that we haven't seen in years.  We kidnapped two of Tonia's sisters' kids, and brought them home with us.  Whitney, Carson and Wade were three peas in a pod.  They got along great, and played together great.  This is a feat that only boys seem to be able to manage, but Whitney was a great sport.  Its fun to listen to 3 pre-teens talk about "life as they know it (or think they know it)".  I learned that Whitney "apparently" has not been able to stay at a fireworks show (the truth is probably somewhat different) until the grande finale, and so when we drove in the bronco to Thanksgiving Point for their fireworks, we made sure that we stayed until the very last firework was done.   
The three kids LOVED the bronco.  Hayden had taken the top off a few weeks back, and now its a "cool" vehicle.  Whitney thinks she wants one EXACTLY like it when she gets old enough to drive.
It wasn't Aspen's 1st Independence Day, but it was the first one she noticed.  She would purse her lips and point at the fireworks and say OHHHHH.  She was very tired and ornery by the time fireworks came, but as soon as they started she was entranced.

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