Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a SHOE thing

Turning one has made Aspen more mobile than ever.  She took 6 steps last week (for Hayden, of course... when I wasn't around).  Her hair is growing in finally, and its curly when wet.  She is a climber and if there is a chair or a box low enough, she is climbing on it.  No fear. 

One of Aspen's new found joys is crawling around with shoes on her hands or arms.  Not sure why.  It doesn't matter if it is flip flops, or crocs, or high heels... she puts them on, and off she goes.  She loves to take the rolls of tape and put them on her arm as well.  This week she has also figured out that she can put the diaper bag on her arm and drag it around behind her.  Little girl to the MAX.

Her words and sounds she now says or imitates are BOO (when playing peek-a-boo), ah-oh, mama, kkkky (for kitty), and ball.  She will be 17 before I know it.  Why don't they stay young forever?

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