Sunday, July 20, 2008

SOLO (aka... 3 days without Aspen)

Hayden and I had a floor to finish in Roosevelt this past weekend, so his mom volunteered to take Aspen so we wouldn't have to do the floor and take care of her.  She picked her up Friday afternoon, and by the time I spent two hours at the house without her on Friday I knew I was in trouble cause I missed her.  Well, here it is Sunday night, and Hayden and I just got home, and now I really REALLY miss her.  The house is quiet, her crib is empty not to mention the fact that it has thrown my regular routine off the rails.  We were supposed to go to Lake Powell a week from tomorrow, but babies wearing diapers aren't well suited for Lake Powell and the heat, and leaving Aspen just isn't an option... so now we have a week where Hayden has gotten a week off for work, and I was looking forward to getting away from the daily chores before school starts back up.  So between missing Aspen and losing the "get away" opportunity, I'm kinda bummed tonight.


Melanie S. Tripp said...

Hey. I bet you miss(ed) her! She is so dang cute!! I'm sad I didn't get to come to the reunion and see all of you guys! It has been SO much fun talking to you all lately and I wish I could've seen you guys but that's life right?? Well I hope you guys are doing well! That sucks you aren't going to Powell though! I LOVE Powell! You guys should take your little one and go on a mini vacation this week instead! Drive to Sea World or even St George or something!! Enjoy the time with your hubby! I can't wait until mine has a day off so that I can hang out with him!!!! Talk to ya soon! Love ya!

Fraser's and Co. said...

Mel. Thanks for the note. We are going to go camping or something. Take Aspen swimming, go to dinner, just spend time together... Please let me know when you get back to Utah, we'd love to get together.

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