Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Liberty Park

I haven't done swell lately posting, but not because I haven't tried to.  Every time I sit down to post, I realize the pictures I need are on the other computer (and really... what is a post without pictures???).  
I took Aspen to Liberty Park in Salt Lake while I was watching a friends' boys.  I thought she and I would hang out in the shade while the boys played in the water.  This worked for awhile, then she got restless.  We decided to head home, but before we did, I thought I would take them over and show them the "canyons & rivers" water place in the park.  It has small little pools at the top and bottom with little streams that carry the water from the top to the bottom.  I thought I'd stick Aspen's feet in for a minute, and we'd be off for home.  AS IF!  After dipping her toes, she slid her bum right into the water and took a seat.  I had to pull her out to put on her swim diaper, and the 30 seconds that it took to do that resulted in a GET ME BACK IN THE WATER tantrum.  Here is the progression of her wetness:
feet in 
bum in 
body in 
everything WET 

She is a fish. Needless to say, after all that time in the water, she slept like a baby that night.    
We will be taking her back to Liberty Park before summer is over.

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