Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the dreaded PTC

Parent teacher conferences, for me as a teacher, are PAINFUL!   My headache this morning is partially due to tomorrow's conferences.  

  • I have a never-ending line
  • The parents who show are not the ones that need to be there
  • Sitting for 6 hours... straight... is not on my list of things I enjoy
  • gym + school + PTC = 14 hour day

the benefits??
well, there is only one.
I get to go home with my enlarged EGO.   Apparently kids like my class, which translates into happy parents.  


Kristen said...

I kinda wouldn't mind a one shot deal. Ours drag out over at least 3 days, then there's all the reschedules. Just scheduling them take a full faculty meeting.

Calvin said...

Exactly, the usually the kids with the biggest needs are the kids whose parents aren't where they need to be, so frustrating

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