Thursday, February 5, 2009

{E I E I O}

Old MacDonald had a farm... but Aspen has taken over!  She had a gift card to spend at Barnes and Noble and as much as she LOVES books, she loves COWS (and farm animals in general) more.  We left the store with a farm puzzle, a tractor that holds farm animals and also makes animal noises.   NO ONE can touch them without her giving her "permission".


Colbys said...

She is darling! I reward my kids (for good grades etc) with a trip to Barnes and Noble. It's their favorite place to go--helps that Aunt Carly works there!

karalyn White said...

Hey we probally could hook her up with more farm stuff! :) Thanks for the valentine, it is so cute. You get over achiever points if you send valentines. Missed you in fort Duchesne last night. lol

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