Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We have the misfortune (or good luck) of living across the street from a city park.  It's great for many reasons: get togethers with family, extra room to play and throw frisbees, and for a playground for Aspen without having to have our own.  The latter... is the battle of wills I have with Aspen lately.

Because you can see the park from our front door, she sits at the front door, wistfully looking at the kids out playing, and just sits there pointing at it saying "pawk, pawk, pawk".  Cute, but not cute enough to con me into taking her over for the fourth time in one day.  This summer is going to be a bugger.  Keeping her off the sidewalks in front of the house, let alone the street, is a power struggle.  She is mischievous enough that she tries to slowly inch herself toward the park thinking I won't notice.  YEAH RIGHT.  

Turn her loose at the park, and she would stay there all day (not kidding) if I let her.  

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LaurieJ said...

That is a huge downside to living by a park..or anywhere with swings. I hate pushing kids on a swing!

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