Tuesday, February 10, 2009


One of the best things about babies, toddlers and kids is being able to see them experience things for the first time.  Yesterday was a BIG day for firsts in Aspen's world.  Hayden got a big package delivered to the house that came complete with BUBBLE WRAP and a HUGE cardboard box.  We made windows in the box and a hole in the ceiling, and Aspen... reluctantly... climbed inside.  She still isn't convinced that it is safe in there, so I keep throwing things she loves in to make her go in and retrieve them.  Maybe the box is more fun for me than it is for her :)  The bubble wrap, on the other hand, was right up her alley.  She loved standing on it making it pop, and figured out that having shoes on helps make more bubbles pop.  Throwing yourself to the floor on top of the bubble wrap even is more productive, however, not the safest idea.

The final NEW adventure of the day was nothing more than a pin-wheel.  I had forgotten how fascinating something so simple can be to a 20 month old.  She has finally figured out how to hold it in front of the heater or walk with it and make it spin without having to keep blowing on it.  

The big package that came was a monster vacuum cleaner and I got to initiate it.  My entire house got vacuumed (all the hard floors, anyway), and I have officially decided to take over the vacuum.  IT ROCKS!  I might let Hayden use it occasionally... maybe.


kimg said...

I love how easily entertained toddlers are. Too much so sometimes, but it is such a joy to watch. My kids still haven't grown out of making stuff out of big boxes. Maybe that's what I'll do for Christmas this year...

Nathan and Shanna said...

Love it! Toddlers are so much fun! I too love how easy it is to entertain them. Cheap too for that matter. It seems to me the older they get the more it costs to entertain.

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