Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have some major issues with coaches and the coaching idea in general.  I will freely admit that some of it is from my days in the gym... both in high school and college... but still, my issues reared their ugly head this past weekend.

I went to Brenden's last game of the season in Tremonton on Friday.  Took part of the day off work to get there, and Grandma Deb and Grandpa Frank drove up from Ephraim to watch him as well.  Well, it's a good thing we got pictures of him warming up, because that is the only time he was moving all game.  He didn't get in for 1 second.  HELLO?  LAST GAME?  Your starters blew a 19 point lead and you leave them in???  I was FURIOUS! (Still am, truth be told).  Why in the #($* does a coach keep 15+ kids on a team where he consistently plays the same 8 or 9?  It's not like Brenden doesn't have skills either.  When he goes in, he creates plays, causes turnovers, and draws the foul on his drives.  Still... no matter what happens this year or last year, Brenden has basketball on the brain and refuses to let it go.  He even brought up letting track slide next year and during the summer so he could work on his basketball.  I hope that doesn't happen.  He is a cross country/track star in the making.

Thankfully not all people/instructors hold the same opinion of Brenden and his skills.  After his game I grudgingly attended the varsity game with him, but ended up very glad I did.  He played drums in the pep band the 1st half of the game, and he ROCKS!  He is great... and loves posing for his mother who is never without her camera.

Proud as punch of Brenden... regardless of what his "coach" thinks of his skills.


kimg said...

I agree with you in every way about the coach playing everyone. I am not very competetive, so I just don't get not giving everyone a chance. Sports are supposed to be fun- I thought, although I never played any.
I also have a drummer in the pep band. Rock on!

Ryan and Debra said...

So, Who's coaching these days? I probably know them... My Maiden name is Darley but we were the only ones...I have no family there. My little sister did, however, have your X as a teacher. It's a small world. I got to know the art teachers pretty well though (Hyde, my favorite, and Davis). Are they still around?
Anyways, I totally understand your frustration! I would not have been happy either. That picture of Brenden totally shows his frustration as well. 19 point lead?! Sheesh! Let the boy play!!!

Calvin said...

I'm a bad coach... I am considering pulling a girl out of the last number she is in because she just isn't good enough... that means she would be in not one number... I'm probably going to try to hide her in the back... I don't want her to have to pay to got to competition and never dance... I usually don't agree with the "play everyone" mentality for a competitive situation... though it sounds like your son couldn't have made things any worse... unfairly keeping your favorites in is just plain wrong

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