Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the cost

What it takes to "refinish the floors" in our house:

*18 days
*2 gallons $5 "seconds" paint from Home Depot
*1 night in a tent (1/2 night for Hayden)
*2 nights in Ephraim
*1 night in a hotel w/a 2 year old (with a toddler, this is not considered a "getaway")
*7 nights on a couch
*26 showings of Finding Nemo
*3 paint rollers
*1 trusty paint roller pan (which has been through about 20 paintings, and 4 houses with me)
*countless frazzled nerves
*2 buckets of spackle
*90 feet of new baseboard
*some Grandma Toni luck on the patch job

The finished project... PRICELESS!

Things we took for granted BEFORE the project:
*going out the back door
*using the microwave
*a changing table
*finding things
*kitchen FLOOR space
*having blinds to close at will
*counter space
*having a sink (that isn't filled with paint supplies)
*ability to COOK unobstructed

The corner of the bedroom wall turned out pretty good, just don't look too close.

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The H E N R I E Seven said...

I love the color of hardwood! What a project, but isn't it worth it once it is finished???

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