Sunday, July 12, 2009

puddle jumper

It started with Lake Powell and has gotten worse over time... Aspen has a terrible case of NON -Hydro phobia: NO FEAR of water. Friday her non-hydrophobia had Aspen stepping into the pool 3' deep without flinching. After I fished her out, she objected, but it didn't deter her wanting to swim.

She now carries around swim diapers and sunscreen trying to convince all around her that it's their turn to take her swimming. I put a bucket with water in it in the back yard to appease her on Saturday, which seemed to work. Temporarily. At the park she found a big puddle of water under the picnic tables in the pavilion (they had come and cleaned them all that morning). After playing around in the water, I look over and she is FLAT on her belly in the puddle of water. NOT in a swim suit.

Thank heavens for Legacy Center Swim Passes!



Nathan and Shanna said...

Love your new background! I love the summer too...we practically live at the pool. Especially since that is pretty much the only thing to do in Roosevelt.

Calvin said...

just periodically spray her down with the kitchen sprayer

Calvin said...

heya, if I wanted a list of runs and events to give to my dancers where should I look?

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