Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm getting old... all the signs are starting to manifest themselves. I lose things that I vividly remember leaving in a particular place, but they are no longer there. I've blamed it on Aspen and her love of carting things off to play with, but my list is growing and I am beginning to maybe think its ME.

my watch with the big beads band
my niece's ipod
my running watch (scratch that one... found it in the car today)
my running sweatband
a library book
Aspen's dog/cuddle blanket
all right handed garden gloves (3 pair)
sterling silver teardrop earring

More than the things I've lost, the things I've found tell me I'm screaming toward the OLD age of 40 (yes, I know... in 10 years this will be the YOUNG).
~1035 gray hairs
myself saying quotes my mom used to say (and probably her mom)
AKA: hold on to your hats, for Pete's sake, or "shut the door Richard"
my toes becoming more hammer-toe-ish each year

Does this house have a lost & found???


Emily said...

I agree! I thought it was just pregnancy that made me loose my mind. But- the baby is here and my mind is still MIA. Gotta love it!

kimg said...

Wow, it is sad how well I can relate. I have heard it called 'momnesia'. I truly believe there is such a thing. I really hate it when I am up in front of my class teaching and blank out on a ridiculously common word. The kids in my class look at me like I'm an idiot, and I feel like one!!

Nathan and Shanna said...

You not the only one that loses things...I have miss placed quite a bit of things as well and I don't even consider myself that old! I only hope it doesn't get worse the older I get! Yikes that could be scary!

Nathan and Shanna said...

Sorry about the typos!

DeeDee said...

Love ya tons and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you guys all look great. Everybody has grown up so much. Good to hear from you.


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