Monday, July 6, 2009


For years I have tried to improve on my garden. I get gung-ho in April, and the past couple years have even had my garden in by the middle of May. However, come July... my motivation evaporated with the hot weather. I never could quite catch up with weeding.

This year, I planted all my rows far enough apart to take a tiller between them. I should have thought of this before... I've seen my parents do it my entire life, but somehow this idea never occurred to me.

WELLLLLL... I sure LOVE my garden this year. I don't have weeds in between the rows, and my rows have no weeds in them. I will have tomatoes by the end of the month, a ton of winter squash this fall, pumpkins, and a few other staples. Sometimes I go to my garden and don't find anything to weed so I start pulling the wild weeds around the edges. :)

Thanks for the idea mom and dad. Just kinda embarrassed it took me so long to catch on


Colbys said...

good for you! Your garden looks great, and it is so rewarding to pluck something that you grew and eat it. I made potato salad with my red beauties this weekend and I was happy as could be!

Ryan and Debra said...

Awesome garden! I wish mine looked so good. I have neglected mine lately. It seems like once the sun really starts to get hot, I forget that it's out there until the weeds are out of control. Looks great!

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