Monday, July 27, 2009

reset button

One thing Hayden and I have in common is the need to hit the "RESET" button every so often. Between work, cleaning, the heat of summer, and just the daily routine and humdrum... we both do much better when we have time to just relax and unwind for awhile. The CABIN in Fairview Canyon was where we were able to reset this past weekend.

A good rainstorm the first night, a couple of rides on the mule (no, not the horse kind of mule), a few walks up old ATV roads, a nap, some food, campfire, many trips to the out house, 70 degree temperatures, 2 runs up (and down) mountain roads... and we were able to return home relaxed and ready to take on a new week.


Ryan and Debra said...

We too need a little Reset Button now and then. We just had ours this last week. I just wish they would last a little longer!
(I love the flower picture. Was that your fancy new camera?)

kimg said...

Looks like fun! Fairview canyon is gorgeous. I'd love to have a cabin up there.

Emily said...

Great idea! I am in need of a little "reset button"! As for my last post- yes I used Photoshop... cool huh? I am starting to really enjoy it. Let me know if you want help on your signature. ;)

Nathan and Shanna said...

Don't you just love the reset button! I totally agree that it is needed every now and then! Sometimes I wish they would just last a bit longer than they usually do.

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