Sunday, October 18, 2009

Region Champs

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of my runner. Region cross country was on Wednesday, and he ROCKED. He took 4th overall, but considering that his previous time on this course was a 7:18, and his previous best time before this meet was 16:58... he really ROCKED. His current best time is 16:37. And he didn't even have to throw up afterwards. Not too shabby. Hayden was able to make it after a job, Aspen came with me, and my parents made it out. It was a pretty cold day with a bit of wind to make it colder. Nice job Brend... Good luck at state on Wednesday!

aspen & hayden rolling down the hills @ the park



Mom L said...

Hip hip hooray! Way to go!

kimg said...

Very exciting! I see he takes after his mother. Sweet!

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