Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was sick last Sunday, and so the lesson I had looked so forward to teaching in relief society had to be passed on to a sub. The lesson was on friends, and the impact they have in our lives. Since I wasn't able to teach I thought I'd give a shout out to my friends that make my life uplifted simply by their being in it.

First of all is my best friend & eternal companion, Hayden. The only way to describe what he is to me is that losing him would be like trying to walk on one leg. He goes on a job, and I miss him. He drives the boys home, and I miss him. I love our talks, I love the way he makes me reflect and think about things.

#2: I have been teaching at my middle school for 5 years now, and during my second year I was conned into doing MESA program. I grudgingly agreed. Partly for the money, and partly because I have a problem saying NO. I definitely came out ahead on this one though, because my MESA co-teacher was my friend Becca. We have laughed together, cried together (no... not just over our poor students). She brings me perspective. She often helps keep my negative side in check, and keeps me saying and thinking positive things. She has helped me out when I'm in a pinch, even though she lives 20 minutes away. Thanks Becca. I am truly blessed to have met you and to have you in my life.

#3: Lastly, is my running buddy, Misty. What they say about having someone to run with in order to make you get out of bed is SO very true. Thanks Misty for being my motivation to get out of bed each morning. I would have never even dreamed that I could run a half marathon before I met her (or that I could run 2 miles straight, actually). I first met Misty when I needed a sitter for Aspen during school. She had been in my ward for several years, but for some reason we had never run across each other. Thank heavens we did. A bad day often times turns into a run or a walk and we both go home feeling much better. Thanks Misty!

I am so lucky to have great people in my life.
I am so lucky to have awesome friends in my life.

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HeatherC. said...

I loved the lesson about friendship yesterday. Our teacher did a good job, and it made me come away thinking of my friends, and wondering if I'm a good friend!

I *love* your Halloween background!

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