Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just ordered THE cutest Halloween costume on the planet.


2 is such a fun age... I just hope she doesn't hate wearing it.


kimg said...

That is SO cute! She will be darling in it! I love the pink fuzzy mop/rug stuff. So fun!

renee' said...

That is super cute, I just finished Bethany's costume and after she put it on, I said, "do you like it?", she replied, "yes, but I just really wish I was a pig?" First time I'd ever heard that?! So, maybe we'll check into this one for next year.

Also, I am trying to figure out if my husband or I know you. I have racked my brain and can't figure out a connection. Or did you maybe just come across my blog through a mutual friend? Thanks for your comments.

LaurieJ said...

Does it come in my size? I think I could rock the pink tights :-)
She is such a doll

Nathan and Shanna said...

That is SUper Cute! Where did you get it from? I'm always looking for different places to look for stuff. I bet you can't wait for Halloween to come now. I know I'm way excited for it!

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