Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Stuff

This weekend was my fall break, although it turned out to not be much of a break. Thursday was spent cleaning, then driving to Tremonton. Friday morning started with helping Hayden put in a hardwood floor. Saturday was ENTIRELY spent on yard work, and today was the typical Sunday doings... complete with a roast dinner and a headache that I'm pretty sure I inherited from my mom. We did get a chance to take the kids to a movie: Where the Wild Things Are. WOW. Great show. More meaning in a little kids show than I have seen in awhile. Last night we made it to the corn maze, which Aspen LOVED until Wade and Hayden started telling her there was a "sharp-tooth" in the corn (aka T-Rex) and she had a little cry and wouldn't let me put her down. 30 minutes walking around in circles in the maze and we turned the directing over to Hayden. 5 minutes later we were at the exit... not because he is a great maze guy, but because he knows how to walk in between rows of corn toward the exit. Aspen loved the slide, the farm petting zoo, and jumping from one bale of hay to another. I had great amazing pictures planned in my head for this event, but as I attempted to take the first picture, my battery flashed that it was dead. Figures.


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