Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fairview 24th Celebration

Getting Hayden away from work (especially when it means going to a place with no running water) takes a miracle.  With half of summer gone by the middle of July, we still hadn't been to the cabin, so it became a no-brainer plan for the 24th.

July 24th weekend in Fairview was crazy.  Lots of people on the mountain with their ATV's, many people at the swimming pool at the mountain resort.  The celebration in town includes a parade, demolition derby, music, food, and much more.  The demolition derby is usually sold out by the second day tickets are available (in May), so taking the boys to that was a non option.  The morning of the derby, I was up at Overlook Point reading a book and watching the sunrise.  An older gentlemen drove up and we started talking.  Turns out he had 10 extra tickets to the demolition derby.  Wade and Aspen have never been to one, Brenden went to one when he was 6 or 7.  Hayden and Debra haven't been to one for 20 years or so.  I was SO excited to have tickets.

watching fireworks

The boys LOVED it...  Brenden especially.  He was standing on the bleachers, cheering for "his" car, and whooping and hollering.  I was having a great time because I love watching the kids have a good time.  Throw in the entertainment of Brenden leading the crowd in YMCA, and that topped off the night.  After the derby there was a great fireworks show (especially for a small town celebration) that we watched on our way back to the truck.

Aspen waving to "the princesses"
Other highlights of the trip included ATV riding (mostly Brenden), the parade (for Aspen... especially the floats with royalty), the swimming pool (definitely Aspen), and just enjoying nature (that includes everyone except Hayden).  Aspen had a couple sets of binoculars she found at the cabin, and they did not leave her neck for most of the 3 days.

Thanks Frank & Deb for letting us crash at your mountain pad!  We need to do it more often.

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kimg said...

aww, very fun! what is it about a derby that is so much fun? even I like them...

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