Saturday, August 21, 2010

Growing Artist

Where has my summer gone?  One minute I'm planting my garden in preparation for warm weather and sun, and the next thing I know I have more summer squash, tomatoes and beets than we could possibly eat... even though we have had one or more of something out of our garden everyday.
Budding artist!
 I feel the same with my kids.  One minute they are just beginning to learn so many new and exciting things (Aspen), and the next minute they are preparing to start their last year in high school and move on with their life as an adult (Brenden).

Aspen has taken a liking to my ipad I acquired for my birthday.  She spends more time on it than I do... which is saying something.  She loves counting programs, alphabet writing, coloring, paint by numbers, and watching movies, but her favorite lately is the Monkey Preschool app.  It's fun to see her match colors, letters, etc etc.  
She has learned in the last 2 weeks that she can control what she is drawing, and loves to draw lots and lots of SUNs.  She has began to add legs and arms to things and people as well.  We had a small problem with her drawing on things OTHER THAN the chalk board and paper, however.  Three weeks ago I noticed nice permanent pen all over the seat of my car.  This prompted a lecture from me about writing ONLY on paper.  Within a week, she had written on my ipad with a crayon (followed by another scolding), my patio doors with permanent marker (white doors/dark blue markers), on the door handle in Hayden's truck, and all up and down her legs, arms, and face during a car ride to Park City.  Where is this child's mother??? and WHO keeps showing her my hiding spots for all my writing utensils???

Aspen is into everything PRINCESS, castles and dragons.  She would prefer to have a princess dress on than any other clothes, and if I sneak clothes on her before she remembers her princess dress she will say "I don't like this shirt... need to change it" and brings me a dress to replace it with.

She constantly is asking "Whachu say, momma?  Whachu say?" if I tell her something and she didn't fully hear or understand what I said.  When watching a movie, and wondering what comes next she says "Whas happenin'?" (repeated 305 times without pause).

A typical outfit for Aspen includes:
2 necklaces with large pink jewels and beads on them
4+ bracelets...on both arms
Princess dress
Sun bonnet
Pink sun glasses
Several hair-bows (which she calls hair BONES)
clip-clop shoes (that make tapping sounds when she walks)
A backpack or purse or her trusty dog blanket.


Nathan and Shanna said...

Sounds just like a Toddler! Gotta love em!

Julie L said...

Don't you love that perspective of seeing the first babies grown up as you baby the youngest? Somehow all the quirks of a three-year old take on a different view when you know where they're going from here. Aspen is so absolutely adorable, even with ink everywhere!

kimg said...

love the artwork. my 18 year old daughter is still drawing on herself.

i know what you mean about summer! i am so sad it is over!

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