Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ea$y Money

If you need a good laugh, offer Brenden some money for a dare... but you better make it a good dare because he will do just about anything for a few bucks. 

For $5 he chewed on my ear pads off of my running headphones for 10 minutes.  Yeah... gross.  Seriously.

For $5 he wore some pink high heels and walked to the gas station in them, bought some snacks, and walked home in them.  And I missed seeing this one... I'd pay $10 just to see it again.
So when Grandma Debra offered him $10 to get down and lead the crowd in the YMCA song/actions, that was EASY compared to what he had done to make money in the past.  I'm so glad I had my camera... but wishing I had my video camera.


Julie L said...

Such a funny crazy guy!!! Don't you just love him???

renee' said...

Definitely keeps life fun. Did you ever watch "Ed"? It reminds me of it!

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