Sunday, August 29, 2010

RUSH with my "drummer boy"

As part of the "mama/son" date series this summer, I offered Brenden a night at a concert of his choice.  The choices were Jack Johnson, RUSH, and Men at Work.  It was a no-brainer for him.  Much to my dismay, RUSH won.  I have never been a RUSH fan.  They are a band I used to loathe in the late 80's/early 90's.  I couldn't stand the whiny voice of the lead singer, but since I am a dedicated mom, and so I didn't embarrass myself, I decided to do some studying of tunes and lyrics.  They are impressive (did I just say that???).  The lyrics are contemplative and insightful ... with my stand-outs being MARATHON (because I'm a runner), Time Stand Still, and Subdivisions.

So on a Thursday afternoon in August, Brenden drove down and met me.  We had dinner at Costa Vida, then headed over to Usana Ampitheater.  Last time he went to a concert at Usana, they were late... even missing most of the opening act, and had to sit on the back section of the grass.  Not this time.  We were in line before the gates even opened, and had a spot on the lawn right at the front.   It is so much fun to watch Brenden in his element.  I had a great time (even surprised MYSELF).  The concert had its fair share of interesting moments, from drunk fans, 40-something has been rockers wearing tight zebra striped pants and an old rocker shirt, to several air-drummers in the crowd without a care in the world who was watching them.  We left during the last song of the encore... which made Brenden not happy, but we made it out of the dreaded Usana parking lot in 5 minutes
Thanks for the company Brenden... and for teaching me to broaden my musical tastes to include once hated bands.


Julie L said...

I love that you included in your choices something you knew he'd love in spite of that you didn't think you would. I love that you were enough in touch with his tastes to even know about the band in the first place and that you were willing to go. Sounds like a very entertaining even. You're a terrific Mom. I hope your kids know that!

Nathan and Shanna said...

What a good mom you are!

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