Sunday, February 6, 2011


 It's funny how the way a day ENDS determines what you thought of that day, overall.  We had such a great time in Barbados, but ended the day by walking (in the wrong direction) to find our ship, instead of paying the $2 to taxi back.  Aspen was asleep in Hayden's arms (she is heavy) and our beach towels were covered with sand and water (heavier) and in a bag on my shoulder.  Combine that with shoes that are starting to wear blisters onto your feet... and you can see how the day ends badly. 
This island was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  We paid $60 for our driver to drive us around the island, take us to a beach (which we got passes to be on), and give us some history/facts about the island.  The island is beautiful.  Our driver was quite envious of the rich on the island, and it showed.  The beach was the whitest sand of any of the places from our trip.  The weather in this part of the world is beautiful.  A rain storm will roll in, stay for 15 minutes, and then sunny skies will be back for a few more hours. 

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