Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 4: Favorite Book

Yeah... I was prepared to be consistent with my 30 day blog posts, but the power went out last night.
So today... Day 4 and Day 5.

Favorite Book:
To be honest... I don't have tons of time to just sit and veg with a book.  I'm lucky if I get in this months Runner's World before the next one arrives at my house.  I still love books, I just, well... cheat a little.
My cheating = BOOKS ON CD!
It's amazing how much I get done (or how many miles you cover) when listening to something as captivating as a good book.
So... that being said...

Picking out a favorite book is like picking out a favorite actor, or a favorite candy.
Is that really POSSIBLE??
I have books that stand out.
I have authors that I love.
But a favorite??

My first author I fell in love with: Victoria Holt.
My mom got me started on her books, and I have been a fan ever since.
I've read pretty much anything she has written (under her pen-name of Victoria Holt, anyway)
Favorite V.H. book:
On the night of the seventh moon.

Other stand out books/authors:
Kite Runner
1,000 Splendid Suns

Anything Dean Koontz (with the exception of a few strange ones).
J.A. Jance.
and my most recent read? (which I loved, by the way)


Julie L said...

Kite Runner was very well written. Loved it, too! Haven't read any of the rest of them, but Hunger Games is definitely on my list after I finish up the rest of the ones I need to read for my goals. I confess I've never read Victoria Holt. Thanks for the suggestion. Her books are also now on my list.

going gordon said...

I can't believe you like Victoria Holt! I do too and it was my mom that got me reading her as well. I have read everything she's ever written and was just thinking I need to re-read some of them. Landower Legacy is my favorite. Haven't read Kite Runner yet, but LOVED Hunger Games (who didn't)...

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