Wednesday, February 2, 2011

St. Thomas: USVI

St. Thomas
January 17, 2011
What an amazing day.  What started off rather frustrating, because this port did NOT bombard us with options when we got, ended up being a fabulous day.  We finally found a brochure and got someone to agree to take us on the water.  We took a cab to a bay on the North of the island (by St. Johns), and had them take us to a place to snorkel.  We were the only ones in the bay, and Aspen was hilarious. After several attempts to get her to try on the snorkeling gear and take a peak at the fish below (the gear was TOTALLY too big for her), she finally tried it.  I said "did you see the fish", and to appease me she said "I think so".  Hayden and I did some fish looking, while Aspen tagged along on the floating pad we brought along in the water.  By the time we were swimming back to the boat, Aspen had decided she was done with her goggles and tossed them somewhere in the water.  A quick search did not turn up any goggles. 
Our driver knew quite a bit about the island, schools, crime, people, famous residents (KENNY CHESNEY :), cost of living, history.  It was fun to just drive in the boat around the island and take in the sights and such. 
We asked for a beach, and he took us to a very secluded beach on the back of Hassell Island.  Not many people, amazing beach and sand, and we were in heaven.  He dropped us off at our pier, saving us the time (and cost) of having to taxi back from the far side of the island. 
This island had crazy drivers as well (and backwards driving).  We paid $30 for a taxi to the initial beach we got the boat from.  It was the first time we wanted some options to choose from when we got off the ship, and were left with nothing.  It turned out the best BY FAR!

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Julie L said...

Look at those gorgeous colors, and it isn't even deceiving! (Unlike the sun outside my house today). Brent just turned down a trip to St. Thomas for his company next month. I think I'm going to ask him to rethink that. Tons prettier than the Bahamas!

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