Thursday, April 21, 2011

Car story: part 1

 April 5 was a very out of the ordinary day.  Had ONE thing gone differently that day, everything would have had a different outcome.

I had to drive to Springville after work to pick up Aspen from a birthday party.
I usually drive right back to Lehi to get her.
I had a strange thought/prompting come to mind:
    what if I drove to Ephraim to visit Debra and Frank, since Hayden wouldn't be home late.
I decided against it.
Aspen was dying of thirst.
    I should really stop and get her a drink on the next exit.
I talked myself into pushing through and I would get her a drink in Lehi.

I drove for a few miles.
A car a couple in front of me stopped suddenly.
So did the person in front of me.
I came to a screeching halt, barely avoiding a collision.
I hear squealing of tires, then impact.
Then impact number two.
Aspen cried, but was uninjured.
I was ok as well, however, I was sore and in pain for a good week afterwards
The end result had the car behind me pushed between my car and the median barrier, right next to my car.  My vehicle was pushed into the car in front of me.  The front bumper that belonged to the car that originally was two behind me, was picked up by the clean up crew from under my front bumper.  All told, it ended up being a six car accident.
I was stuck in my car during the entire clean up process, so I was never able to see the damages, but I knew everything seemed to be somewhat intact.  Surely it shouldn't take too much to put it back together.
How wrong I was... it was a total loss.
Had I only known that sitting there would be the last time I would be the driver of my car.
I visited my car again this past week.  I took pictures. I cried.  A lot.
I should have payed attention to my promptings.


Julie L said...

Tonia, I feel your pain. Hindsight is the easiest teacher. I think we all second guess "promptings." Are they real promptings or just idle thoughts? How do we know the difference? And when we heed them, we never know what might have happened if we hadn't listened. But when we don't listen, we always find out it seems. The hard way. I'm just so grateful you and Aspen were not injured any worse than you were. Cars, fortunately, are replaceable. Will be looking forward to part 2.

Arica said...

I am the queen of ignoring promptings!

going gordon said...

So glad you guys were okay! That is such a scary thing to have happen! I had promptings once to stop and get gas on the way to the doctor (20 min. away) and was late so I didn't do it. Yes, I ran out of gas with a 2 week old baby and a 2 year old out in the middle of no where. I really learned my lesson with that one. Some of us have to learn the hard way... :(

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