Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When Wade was a baby/toddler, we used to have a song that was "our song".  I always used to sing him "You are my sunshine" while we cuddled in bed.  Fast forward 11 years.  Aspen loves having a lullaby sung to her as she is going to bed, but her preferred song has been "Rock a Bye Baby", for some strange reason.

Two days ago I told her the story of how I used to sing "Sunshine" to Wade when he was little, and now that is the song of choice.
She'll say "Sing me the lullaby of Wade when he was a baby".
I play dumb, and say "Which one?"
"The When skies are grey song" she says.

So now... You are my sunshine is "our song"... shared by the three of us.


going gordon said...

That is Phoebe's song too, but I change the words to "You are my Phoebe, my only Phoebe..." She still loves it! So fun!

Julie L said...

So sweet! The one I always used was "Hush Little Baby" and I'd make up a million verses because I never knew what the real verses were. But it went on forever, and usually did the trick. Though certainly never as sweet as the sunshine song.

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