Thursday, April 28, 2011

SLC half marathon

 I signed up for the SLC marathon, thinking I would have time to train for it in 10 weeks.  WRONG.  I only ran one long run even for my half marathon training schedule.  I knew it wasn't going to be a fast race, and have been sick, so I just planned on taking it slow and enjoying the view.

My time was nothing to brag about: 2 hours 19 minutes,  22+ minutes off my best time. but still probably one of my most enjoyable races.  I stopped at drink stations, stopped at a church to use the restroom (after waiting in the port a potty line for almost 5 minutes), and stopped to stretch a cramp once along the way.  

My favorite parts of this race were:
  1. Noticing and smelling the blossoms on many of the trees along the way.
  2. The weather was overcast, cool, and perfect, and the last mile had a little sprinkle of rain.
  3. Running up state street and realizing that rarely (if ever) will I have the chance to have the roads shut down and be able to run up the road in front of the city/county building, Grand America hotel and down into the gateway plaza.
  4. Having the marathon winner come through toward the finish at the same time I was coming in.  The crowds cheered and the motorcycle police cleared the path.

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Lori said...

Good job Tonia!
That would be pretty awesome running down those streets without any traffic.

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