Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break

I have seven days in front of me to do whatever with.  Hayden is working (and working... and then working some more), so it is Aspen and me flying solo, for the most part. 
Seven days.
Seven open, non-planned days.
I start thinking of all the things I could/would/should do in those seven days.
They seem so open and available, but as today has shown me... they fill up quickly.
So... what is on my "wish list" for spring break?
How likely are all of them, if any, to actually happen?
With 3 days of snow, will the weather cooperate with my plans?
Here is my list:

__lunch with Morgan
_X_Hogle Zoo (planned for today)
__lunch with Jenn
_X_swimming with Aspen
_X_car shopping
_X_retrieve my stuff out of my old car
_X_meeting with Becky
__dinosaur museum
_X_deal with insurance company
_X_get my x-rays done
__visit Larue
_X_SLC 1/2 marathon on Saturday
_X_house clean
__garden tilled (weather permitting)
_X_morning cuddling with Aspen
_X_mow my front lawn (once again... weather permitting)
__meal planning
_X_run. run. run
_X_book on cd
__home repairs
_X_McDonald's playland

Looking at my list makes me realize that my OPEN days are not so open if I am to accomplish even half of my to-do list.
I better get started!


Julie L said...

Don't you just love/hate lists? Sounds like a very busy week for you. Good luck. I could really use a Spring Break myself now - there ought to be a rule about that for every sector of society, don't you think?

Lori said...

I saw that you got your lawn mowing done today. I have tomato plants that are ready to be planted. Do you have walls-of-water? I need to get rid of them because they are growing beyond their pots/cups.
Sounds like a fun and eventful spring break. I especially love the morning cuddles with Aspen.

going gordon said...

Holy to-do list! That doesn't sound like Spring Break to me! Sounds like MAJOR work! The car thing is probably the hardest. It takes something that should be kind of fun and makes it a chore because of the pressure. Good luck. I want to know how much of the list you actually get done. It will intimidate me even more! ;)

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