Sunday, September 25, 2011

26.2 ... DONE!

I ran a marathon.
I ran a marathon!
I ran a marathon!!!

Still can't believe that it happened.
I can't believe we survived.
I can't believe, looking back at the weather, that we pushed through.

It was a nice, organized race.  Buses were on time, race was on time... only down side was the rain for the 30 minutes before the race, that ended before the race started.  However, it was not to be the last we saw of the rain.
Starting line: mountain men in full dress with rifles fired the shots to start the race.
Mile 1: passed a sign reading HYRUM: 16 miles, LOGAN: 22 miles.  Reality check.
Mile 3:  Flags lined the road leading into the aid station.  Way cool.
Mile 4:  A little fall of rain
Mile 6:  rain ended, I left my rain jacket (aka black garbage bag) on the side of the road
Miles 1-14:  Blacksmith Fork Canyon scenery... amazing.  Clouds on the mountainside. Rain on the road. River, cattails, changing of the leaves on the trees.  Also had many compliments and laughs regarding our shirts we made for the race that said "WTF?? Where's the Finish??"
Mile 7:  Hail storm (without my "rain jacket")
Mile 11:  Crazy crazy downpour of rain. 
Mile 14: still crazy downpour combined with lightening and thunder.
Mile 15: crazy downpour with pelting hail.  We had to keep our heads down just to not get hit in the face.
Mile 16:  so wet we could feel the water running down our backs, down our legs and into our shoes.  Shoes weigh a ton.
Mile 18:  I hear "HEY DIP$#*T!" and turn to see a Honeyville neighbor from back in the day.  It was great to see her (and her family at the aid station at mile 3).  Not many people who can get away with such terms of endearment... she is definitely one of them.
Mile 20:  rain (sort of) subsides.
Mile 20:... this is when I envisioned hitting my LIMIT, but surprisingly, I felt good.  Perhaps it was the MANY stops at aid stations.  Maybe it was the overdose of ibuprofen along the way.  Maybe it was the optimism that comes with finally not having to run in pouring rain.  Maybe it was being able to see my family cheering us on (and taking my soaking jackets from me).
Mile 24:  Emotional just seeing Arica's family holding a sign with our names on it, cheering us on.
Mile 26:  I can smell the end from here.  We come around the corner and see the finish, and I get teary eyed.  WE DID IT!  Aspen comes running out from the crowd and runs across the finish with Arica and I.   It still feels surreal that we finished it.  It wasn't the most amazing time (5:26:23), but it leaves room for improvement for next time (did I just say NEXT TIME???)
Sadly, I had intentionally locked my keys in the car thinking Hayden had his lock set.
Sat in the cold rain, felling my muscles get cold and tighten up, shivering, while waiting for the Hyundai Roadside Assistance dude to show up.  Lunch at Center Street Grill.  A surprise spontaneous stay that night at Sherwood Hills (which I was glad for just so I could shower and warm up).

Thanks to my amazing husband who spent his whole morning chasing us in the rain and driving around Wade and Aspen.  Thanks to my kids for coming, and thanks to Arica for the opportunity to share this experience with someone as cool as she is (and for putting up with my non-stop talking) 

Before race day:  The days leading up to the big event were filled with nerves and anxiety.  Friday was Wade's cross country meet... then off to Logan to get my bib number, dinner at Maddox Ranch House, and check in at our lovely motel.  There was no room at the inn anywhere in Logan, or Tremonton... or Brigham City, for that matter.  Thanks to Wade, we found a little hometown "off the radar" motel in Tremonton to stay in.  It was surprisingly decent.  Thanks to the Sandman for the accommodations!


BriAnn said...

Wahoo for you! You are my hero. Someday when I become a runner you will have been my inspiration. :) way to go!

Nathan and Shanna said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you were able to finish and even maybe want to do another one. Good for you!

Arica said...

Loved it, the post and the marathon. Can't seem to settle down and wrap my head around my post. :)

Lori said...

Amazing. Good job! Besides being pelted and heavy shoes running in the rain is nice. The view looks awesome. Loved the post!

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