Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The countdown begins...

Back in April, I signed up for a marathon.
Many long, long Saturdays later, here I am...
4 days away from the Top of Utah Marathon.
More than once I have questioned my sanity
(as has my husband... but mostly when I'm gone for 4+ hours on Saturdays).
I am nervous... 
the nerves set in on Sunday when I realized I was under a week away.
I am excited...
excited to be faced with the challenge, and excited to have someone to run it with.
I am anxious...
Just let me not have to teach this week, and lets get up there and get this started.

I have worried about everything 
from my toes and feet and knees,
to what to eat and drink even four days before the race.

I am proud of myself for getting to this point.  
I have told Hayden and Arica to remind me when I try to sign up for another race,
about the pain and agony each Saturday has brought.
However...come Saturday
about 12:30pm
as I cross the finish line
I'm sure all that will be forgotten.

I'm sure I'll be looking for another place to throw down my 26.2.
Looking for more Saturdays to sacrifice to the cause.
Because, unless you push yourself beyond what you EVER thought you could do...
You don't realize you could do it all along.

4 days... and counting.
Bring it on.


Janae said...

go girl!

going gordon said...

You go! I know you'll do great!

Lori said...

You are amazing. And crazy. And I want to be like you.

Arica said...


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