Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Summer EVER!!

Pretty much the best summer EVER.
I'm not sure.
Perhaps it is because we didn't have our "bucket list" to have to answer to.
Perhaps it is that my garden was smaller, therefore my time was more plentiful.
Perhaps it was because I didn't listen to the hesitation of my 15 year old, and drug him out for things I knew he would later be glad he did.
Whatever it was... it was wonderful.
We swam, and hiked, and traveled, and talked, and walked, and hiked, and swam.
We cooked, and jumped on the tramp, and so many other relaxing fun things.

I will forever be behind if I expect to update each thing with a long post, so each picture of our adventures gets a tagline, a "who was there", dates for the picture, and the most memorable part of the event. These will be my next several posts.

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