Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doctor, doctor

Aspen has been having issues with her bladder since she was about 2.  Lately, with kindergarten quickly approaching next year, we realize we need to get some things checked so she is not humiliated in front of friends.  We took her to Utah Valley RMH to have an ultrasound done on her kidneys and her bladder, and then a VCUG to test for any reflux in the bladder.  Most everything turned out looking good, other than the amount of liquid the girl can discharge, even on a day when she hasn't had anything to eat or drink.  They gave her some meds that helped her relax and to not remember anything about the procedure when it was all over.  She had fun, if that can be said of a procedure.

That night she is sitting on her bed and calls me in.
"Mom the cat peed in here"
"Right here, under my bum"

Yeah... so we still have the bladder problem...
and thankfully, we also have an appointment to see someone at the University of Utah on the 29th.
She is such a great sport.

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