Friday, January 16, 2009

A day in the Life of...

4:00am.  Baby awake and kinda crying.  We'll let her cry herself back to sleep we decide.  
4:34.  Baby awake and really crying.  Ok, we are tired and she is not, so maybe she will lie in bed with us.
5:16.  Is Sesame Street on this early? NO... dang.  How about something else... ANYTHING ELSE.
5:45.  Attempting to sneak in a few minutes of sleep.  Yeah right.
6:00.  HEAVEN... Sesame Street
6:25.  Hayden leaves for his study session, I am wishing I had gone running at 5:00
6:50-7:40.  Entered grades.  Got 1 class out of 6 done.
8:02.  Leave to run with Aspen bundled and the temp reading 9 degrees.  Lovely
8:04.  Aspen screaming.  Great, this is going to be a fun run.
8:30.  Aspen finally screams herself to sleep.
8:38.  Home from run... Aspen had a great 8 minute nap.
~breakfast in the car
9:28. Drive to Layton.  34 minute nap for Aspen.
1:00pm.  Lunch with relatives at Olive Garden
2:00.  Drive to Ogden.  Aspen is asleep within 30 seconds of leaving the restaurant.
2:40.  Ogden High parking lot... cat nap
3:15.  Tired baby at Brenden's basketball game.  Joy joy.
5:30. Head home.  Find out my 18 year old daughter pierced her belly button today. Someone shoot me.


6:18... Heaven... Home, Hayden, and dinner he made.
8:14.  Aspen in bed.

I'm pooped.  I'm hoping there isn't another day like today for a long while.
Hayden is my saving grace today!  He picked up the slack where I lacked the time and effort to come through.

Love you H.  Sleep well Aspen


CB2 said...

Have your 18 year old go running at 9 degrees, the belly piercing will get all cold and she'll regret the decision?

Colbys said...

Problem:No Sesame Street at 5am Solution: Tivo!

Ryan and Debra said...

Sounds like a VERY rough couple of days! SORRY!!! I agree with the Colbys...I LOVE my DVR! It's saved me more than a few!

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