Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photoshop is my friend

I'm new to this whole photoshop thing, and am learning how to use it by looking up my tools I need in google.  HEY, it beats the instruction manual!

Had to play with this picture of Aspen wearing a dress that Morgan wore a mere 18 years ago (yes, my husband has grounds to call me a pack rat when it comes to baby clothes my kids wore).

Don't tell him I said that... he'll never let me live it down.


The B's said...

just call it timeless and you're good

LaurieJ said...

I should actually read my manual too :-)
I loed your last post about your day from hell ;-) Hope the next one was better!

TheTandyFamily said...

Cute pic! That is exactly how I learned photoshop - I would see a technique that I liked, google it, and practice...practice...practice.
I love photoshop and it is my friend too :)

karalyn White said...

cool puttin a name on your pictures. It will look way cool when you scrapbook those pics. I need to learn how to use photoshop, so I can take OUT the ladder from putting xmas lights UP That is still leaning against my house in pics I took today :)

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