Sunday, January 25, 2009


We tend to take nice relaxing weekends and fill them up to overflowing.  This weekend was no exception.

We threw in a floor refinish into the mix for Friday and Saturday.  What this means for us is long days, late nights, a sitter and several fast food stops.  The end product was a little extra $$ and an AWESOME looking floor.  The pictures don't do it justice, and I should have put a BEFORE picture in to show the difference.  What a great hardworking husband I have.  After putting in a 40+ work week doing sanding, he adds a Friday and Saturday to his tasks, and complains about blisters and boo-boo's a lot less than I do.  Of course, now that it is Monday, and he worked right 

through the weekend, its a little more painful than any blister... having to go back and do another 40+ week without a break.  I love you Hayd!

He is such a hard worker.  He got a $100 gift card as his reward at work for his dedication at work.  SPORTSMAN'S WAREHOUSE... here we come.  (Sportsman's warehouse... only because that is where the card was for).  Ok, let me preface this by saying we are not hunters AT ALL.  We don't fish (except when we get lucky enough to have Grandpa Lynn take the kids out at Lake Powell).  Camping is still something I am trying to convince my husband is an acceptable, humane thing to participate in.  So going into this place was actually really humorous.  Every isle we walked down felt like we were out of our element (however, the duck call thing could have been fun to use at school).  Aspen didn't mind, she found a mini-shopping cart and a coon hat (complete with a tail), and was, literally, off and running.  

So two pairs of shoes, a hat, a couple drinks, and a kids' body glove swim top and we had spent our wad.

We spent yesterday (the only day we had without manual labor) dropping off the equipment we used for the floor, dropping a car off at the airport for a friend, and cleaning up after our work.  There's only 4 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes and 57 seconds to get to the weekend... but who's counting?

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kimg said...

Your floor is so gorgeous! I am very jealous! I never get anything, because Cory is so sick of construction by the time he gets home.

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