Thursday, January 8, 2009

STOKED... sneak peak

WHat a fun day!  We had family pictures taken as part of Christmas for my mother in law... this is only a sneak peak of what we have so far, but I AM SO EXCITED to see and post the rest.  Our photographer is Michelle Tandy and she did an AWESOME job... especially since Aspen's nap time was way past due, and didn't want to get her picture taken without a sucker in her mouth.  She was great to work with, and worked well with us.  What fun ideas.  I can't wait until I get the rest to post.  THANKS MICHELLE!!!  Her blog, for anyone who is interested on having some taken or seeing some of her other work, is

The Grandkids
The gals
The Famiy

The coolest dude and I


LaurieJ said...

Isn't blogging the best? Oh, and running!
I am so glad you found me. Did you know my sister Heather has a blog to it is

You kids are so cute. and I can't imagine what it will be like to have an 18 year old. We are barely entering the teenage years.
If you are looking for a fun 1/2 marathon I would definitely suggest the Ogden or the Hurricane in may. Both are awesome.
Thanks for finding me!
What school are you at?

Colbys said...

Hi Tonia!
Wow--long time no...anything! Please say hello to your family for me, and feel free to stalk my blog!

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