Saturday, January 3, 2009

Running from 2008 into 2009

It was 54 degrees yesterday... 54?!?!  IT'S JANUARY!!  It was great for running.  December has been a hard month to keep up with running, sometimes only making it out once a week for a long run (to make up for not running, of course).  I figured out this week one reason why it has been difficult to stay motivated... BOREDOM.  Hayden dropped me off on a back road on our way home from Salt Lake this week, and I ran home.  THAT was fun.  New scenery, new route, new distance.  So yesterday I started running in some random direction and just explored new areas as I ran.  FUN!  

Well, my new shoes 

and cool watch that controls my ipod that I got for Christmas from Hayden definitely help with motivation.


Some of our accomplishments or notable moments for 2008:

  • Aspen turned 1
  • Morgan graduated from Lehi High School
  • Wade began violin/orchestra
  • Brenden competed in state CX tourney... personal best time!
  • Hayden passed his 2 tests for his license, and picked a company name
  • I was voted recipient of the Golden Apple Award by my students
  • Sealed as an eternal family on 8/8/08 in Manti temple
  • I ran three 5k races
  • Hayden finished our stairs in hardwood!
  • I officiated my last game (for awhile anyway) of basketball by reffing 3A state tournament
  • Brenden got his drivers' permit (heaven help us)
  • Wade was ordained a deacon
  • Vegas for Hayden's #36 birthday
  • Morgan went to college
What will 2009 bring?  
If we have anything to say about it:
  • Tonia:  run a 1/2 marathon
  • Hayden:  start up his hardwood company
  • Aspen:  learn to TALK! (and dribble a basketball :D )
  • Brenden:  beat his personal best time ~ take Region! 
  • Morgan:  get back into school
  • Wade:  rocket launch w/ Grandpa Frank
We started the new year off by taking Aspen to the ducks.  This was her first duck experience, and definitely NOT her last.  All she wanted to do was hang on the fence and watch.

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CB2 said...

I'm commenting I'm commenting I'm commenting. Your running makes me feel totally unmotivated. Have Hayden tell me more about his hardwood company. I managed flooring companies for around 5 years, I also did interior design for that time and may have a dusty contact or two left. I am curious about sf charge for a screen and coat, not a refinish and I have two transitions to from raised tile to an original wood floor that the people who finished the tile here treated incorrectly. I'm adding your link to my blog list, hope that's ok.

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