Monday, April 13, 2009

47 pieces of CRAP

Hayden and I have places that we have a "solo" love for.  He does not like eating at Subway (sandwiches are NOT dinner food) or NOODLES & Co., I love both places.  He is not a soup guy... and I could eat it for dinner all winter long.

His least favorite place, BY FAR (for me or for him) is the dollar store.  There are a lot of really cool things at the dollar store that even Walmart can't beat the price of... and for crafting, it's a gold mine!  And 5 items for $5!!!  It's a bargain!
About a year ago I hear Hayden calling from the other room, so I go to see what the matter is.  He is balancing the finances and says "WHY in the world did we need to buy 47 PIECES OF CRAP?".  We obviously don't share the same opinion of the entertainment value  ALL A DOLLAR has.  

Hayden and his dad were to a Jazz game several nights ago, so the girls decided to take a trip to the dollar store just so we can send Hayden some antagonistic photos while we are there.  Aspen has this thing figured OUT!  Grab a basket, walk through the aisles and just load up your basket with whatever looks good.  When your basket gets full, just carry whatever doesn't fit in it.  When she is loaded up she says "BUY IT" and heads to the front of the store.  

Hayden is outnumbered on this one.  


TheTandyFamily said...

I also am a huge fan of the dollar store...hugh fan!! If you love the dollar store then you need to give Honk's a try. It is also a everything is one dollar store, but they have tons of stuff that the dollar store doesn't. Give it a will love it!

LaurieJ said...

Definitely have a love/hate relationship with the dollar store!
I just can't ever figure out why my bill is always around $38. But it's a $ store! Did I really buy that much crap?

Colbys said...

How can you spend $47 at the dollar store?? Ok, maybe if you're buying "crap" for your students, that's acceptable. :)
I am happy that my kids still think the dollar store is a cool place to get a reward for good behavior!

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