Friday, April 24, 2009


I have things that I am driven to do.  Things that probably make NO sense to the average person.  My husband tells me these habits (aka: compulsions) are going to put me in the nut house when I'm 70.  Can't say I can argue with him.  Why?  When I STOP in the middle of a good paced run, in order to remove a lid from a Coke product (Coke rewards points add up... and I have much running gear because of this obsession), or to bend off a colored pop top off of an energy drink (they are very useful for scrapbooking) there must be something wrong... something a bit off-kilter.  
SHEETS and towels are on my little list of OCD quirks.  The big soft fluffy towels just don't get all the moisture off of me after a shower.  Hang one on a clothesline for a couple hours on a warm spring day, and not only do you get a good absorbent towel, but it smells awesome too!  My husband's nose is broken, so the smell benefit is lost on him... and the absorbent part he just calls "scratchy towels".  

To each his own.   

My "MINI me" has her own set of fixations.  There should be NOTHING on her hands (even while eating with her hands), nothing on her clothes or bib (yes... even while eating messy things), and no spills in her bed or on her high chair.  All of these are met with a demanding "MESS MESS" which is the signal for me to promptly fix said irritation.  

Good thing she is more on the clean side than the alternative.  Poor Hayden.  The guy has to live with two neurotic chicks in the house.


nicole said...

You have the cutest little girl and the best camera!! You can come visit whenever you want:)!!

kimg said...

Being quirky is a GOOD thing, in case you didn't already know. It is what makes you- YOU! I love to hear about other people's quirks. It's fun!

Ryan and Debra said...

I too know of others who LOVE to hang their sheets. I don't think you are that quirky. I love those pictures of your little Mini-Me in the sheets...Very Cute!

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