Tuesday, April 21, 2009

flying solo... monday

Aspen and I have lived through fending for ourselves for a 24 hour period while Hayden is out of town on a job.  It was my late day at school so we didn't get home until 5.  The day was SO beautiful that we couldn't resist spending the rest of it outside.  Aspen found a new use for her  bucket (rocks, balls, dirt, and dandelions all fit in nicely) and I mowed and worked.  Without H to prepare dinner for or to hang out with, we stayed in the yard longer than we would have (or should have).  

Dinner was a delicious bowl of mini-wheats (at 5 o'clock).  Lots of prep and lots of clean up.  With everything completed by 7pm: a bath, tantrum, & rocking Aspen to sleep... I wandered around the house lost for a bit.  

I don't sleep so well without H.  Even with being in  bed by 10:30, I was still awake at midnight.   It is going to be a long week.  I have volleyball tonight and have to scramble to either find me a sub, take Aspen, or have someone play mom.  

This is going to be a long week!  Hurry home Hayd! 

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